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Gravial Installation Manual 2020
Swisspearl Magazine 27
This issue features buildings representing a wide variety of typologies and scales, built across an expansive geographic range, from a house extension in Canada, a hospital in Estonia, a residential building in Slovenia to a villa in the USA, to name just a few.
Swisspearl Magazine 26
This present magazine features buildings representing a wide variety of typologies and scales, built in an expansive geographic range, from an airport building in Slovakia, to a high school in the United States, a hospital building in Italy to a villa in Israel
Swisspearl Magazine 25
Freeforms - This magazine explores the possibilities of Swisspearl. Showing it's innovation and versatility as well as paying homage to the past.
Swisspearl Magazine 24
Perforated - "Perforations take on a variety of forms and can be arranged in different ways. Sometimes they appear as circular holes in rows of regular intervals, more commonly, however, they are playfully distributed in freeform geometric shapes." This magazine highlights the ability to incorporate perforations as both form and function.
Swisspearl Magazine 23
On the Waterfront - "This edition of Swisspearl Architecture shows, on the basis of several examples, how building at the waterfront with cement composite takes place." Highlighting a project from one Canada's premier architectural firms - Patkau.
Swisspearl Magazine 22
Colour Rhythms - "We make a constant effort to preserve and expand the materiality of the cement composite with our coatings: the mineral substance has a unique structure and vibrancy and is made of natural raw materials. They are what make the Swisspearl product what it is." This magazine highlights Swisspearl's vast colour line with projects using bold and varied colours.
Swisspearl Magazine 21
Custom Made - "The conceptual connection of clothing and building shells is no accident. Custom-made shells, the creation of a unique exterior, and the expression of prevailing taste are commonalities that can be mutually inspirational." This magazine explores how Swisspearl is used in ways that are layered, colourful, and functional.
Swisspearl Vintago Brochure
The mineral material of fiber cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural authentic, lively and unique look.
Swisspearl Systems and Products
Overview of Swisspearl's offerings - colours, sizes, and finish types.
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