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Muralis Architectural Products

Formed out of a demand for access to products unavailable in the North American market, Muralis Architectural Products ltd. is among the premier marketers and suppliers of innovative building material solutions. With an emphasis on direct marketing and technical sales, Muralis not only supplies products, but arms architects, product selectors, contractors and developers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on their building envelope. We have established relationships in all markets to ensure that our supplied projects have skilled and competent installers. It is the combination of these two elements that ensures that all projects meet the highest standards for quality and finish.

The Team

Matthew Dalzell – Business Development/General Management

Matthew founded Muralis Architectural Products in 2004. After working in and around the industry in various capacities, he recognized that there was a gap between the needs of the architectural community and the objective of those in sales or business development. That gap is the separation of what is the correct solution and the offered solution. He founded Muralis on the principle of identifying the correct solution, whether or not it is Muralis’ to provide, and guide the designer toward it. Formed over 500 plus completed projects, his technical and product knowledge is a resource to the design community and we invite you to utilize it.

Vince Pollock – Project Management

Vince has been with Muralis Architectural products since 2007. He has no interest in participating in anything to do with himself being online.  We tried to write a bio for Vince but Vince put a stop to that right quick. No pictures. No information. The smallest digital foot print humanly possible. But Vince is here to help you if you have an order, need a price, or specific project information in general. Give him a call, he will be happy to talk to you.

Hardeep Reehal – Business Development/Architectural Sales

Hardeep joined us in 2019, bringing with him 7 years of sales experience in the construction industry. He has since been educating himself towards becoming an asset to Muralis and our client base. He was brought in to maintain client relations and project specific communication and has been found to share our philosophy of providing the solution to our customers and giving freely of his knowledge and experience.

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