West Village Park

Surrey, british columbia, canada
Francl Architects
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about west village

The West Village Park & District Energy Centre project aims to enhance safety, comfort, economic and social resilience and environmental leadership by creating an attractive and inviting parkscape, in addition to an efficient hot water heating energy plant. This park and plant will serve as the backbone of upcoming developments, encouraging connected local living and energy efficiency. The panels themselves are deceptively complex. Though they appear to be straight forward panels with a half inch reveal, the panels stretch at the bottom and the top to meet the prismatic design of the structure at the corners of the building. The paint finish was also unique – this is a finish that appears to be raw galvanized steel, it is actually a PVDF finish with an anti-graffiti coating. This durability and longevity was essential to the client.



complex simplicity

What appears to be simple is not. Because of the prismatic shape of the structure, there were no 90 degree corners and no simple lines. The panels “fan” at the top to meet the dimensions of the building. This allows the panel to conform to the structure rather than the structure being forced to contend with a standardized panel. Though the effect isn’t dramatic, the fact that few people notice is the strength of the design. The building stands for itself, rather than the panel detracting from it. To give a sense of this, there are over 30 different profiles on this project – most see only one.


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