For each of our products, it is our goal to recreate the information traditionally held in architectural libraries while keeping them current to the best of our abilities.

Below are our offerings, with links to our partners’ websites, key documentation, and project examples.


LKMē is not a product – it’s a process.
The end result of the process is custom corrugated....
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A cement composite façade system world renowned for its quality of finish, its longevity and its....
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Using computer digital processing and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques,..
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CN Terracotta​

CN is among the premier terracotta panel manufacturers in the world, developing, producing, and selling..
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​ Manufactured in Germany, Rodeca is a collection of advanced polycarbonate façade and canopy systems that are utilized around...
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Karve is a flatseam panel done with precision, by utilizing automated fabrication for accuracy, efficiency, and timely production on projects...
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​Garden By Swisspearl​

Swiss made planters and furniture.
Each item is hand-made, numbered, and signed....​
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Clinar By Swisspearl​

Modular fibre cement panels in 4mm and 6mm.
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